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Adding Product to UWeX Shop (V) – Creating a Downloadable Product

I. Create a Downloadable Simple Product

To get started:

  1. Create a simple product the regular way but tick the Downloadable checkbox:create-downloadable-products

After ticking this box, extra options appear:create-downloadable-products-2

 UWeX supports multiple files per product!

  1. Uploada file and click Insert to set up each downloadable file URL.
  2. Enterthe Download Limit (optional). Once the user hits this limit, they can no longer download the file.
  3. Enterthe Download Expiry. If you define a number of days, download links expire after that.
  4. Selectthe Download Type from the dropdown.
  5. Save.

As soon as you change an uploaded file or upload a new file, the Download Expiry and Download Limit are reset because it’s technically a new file. This is the intended behavior.

Downloadable Variations

Variable products can also have downloadable variations. When adding a variation tick the Downloadable checkbox and more options appear.create-downloadable-products-3

Options work the same as regular products: Set the file path, optionally choose a download limit and expiry, and save.

Combining downloadable and virtual products

If you tick the Downloadable checkboxes, products can have stock and are treated as physical products. This allows you to sell downloads and real products together.

If you want to add/sell a downloadable product that is not physical, also enable the Virtual option.