Cento Ceramiche Windsor brown (24″x24″)

Maker: EXPOCASA, Italy
Material: Glazed Porcelain
Finish: Polished
PEI Rating: 4
Colour: Brown (also available in Grey)
Size:  24“x24“ 
This Italian manufacturer is proud to offer worldwide customers  the best combination of innovative design and high quality for the products distributed under the brands PRIMI CERAMICHE and CENTO CERAMICHE since 1982. Bringing together quality, affordability and variety without compromise, EXPOCASA is also known for its highly reliable customer service that extends beyond the point of sale. You can always expect the best from EXPOCASA. 
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Although we try to make the colours showed in the pictures as close to real pieces as possible, they are reproduced as an indication only and they may differ from the real pieces.


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