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Selling on is a community to connect home renovation suppliers, contractors, professionals, and home owners all together. Whoever you are, you can own your own online shop for free on and sell conveniently. 

1.      Almost everything related to home renovation could be sold on

  • New materials/tools- Manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, whatever you provide to customers, you can list up them on your own online shop for free.
  • Used materials/tools – Contractor, professional or DIYer, you may have something still valuable from your past works. You can sell them through your UWeX store.
  • Leftover materials- Contractor, professional, DIYer, or homeowner, you may have some leftovers from your last project. If you don’t want them to stay in your storage for long, try move them out on
  • Tool rental -If you are in a rental business or you have any idle tools, UWeX Marketplace can help you to rent them out. 
  • Installation/Construction/Labor services – You can even sell your service on UWeX Marketplace with our bookable product function.  

2.      Selling is more targeted on

  • is a marketplace specialized for home renovation business. There are less noises here than in other major online marketplace.
  • Customers visiting usually have high purchase intention. And they are close to the final decision.
  • is a hub for renovators to manage their businesses. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other suppliers can get in touch with these professionals quickly and conveniently on Use UWeX

3.      Selling is easy with

  • It’s free to own a UWeX Shop on UWeX Marketplace. Go to take one minute to fill in your basic information. We will help you to set up your online store on the next business day.


  • It’s free to list up your products on your UWeX Shop. Simply click “Add New Product” under “My UWeX Shop” on the upper right corner of your screen and you can go to your store administration page to add products. .   (Check the details on Add Products to Your UWeX Shop)

  • There is no limitation on the quantities of products listing on your UWeX Shop. You can add as many as you have.
  • It costs you less to sell through compared to other major online marketplaces. Besides commission, you pay nothing to UWeX. And we have Reward Program and Referral Program for you to save more. (Check out the details of our Reward Program and Referral Program).

4.      Selling is safe on

  • You pay nothing before customer pays you. The commission will be taken only when customer pays you. And you will receive your portion according to the terms we agree upon.
  • You deliver the product or service only after customer pays for the order. Customers are required to pay when they place their orders online. The shipping terms of your UWeX Shop are defined by yourself. You can either ask for local pick up or deliver at the cost you set.
  • uses PayPal and Stripe to process the payment and you are protected by PayPal’s Seller Protection ( and Stripe disputes system (
  • uses the SSL certificate to secure your information.



5.    How easy? That’s easy. 

Step 1: Go to  and register your free UWeX Shop.

Step 2: Log into your UWeX Shop and add new product for free. Describe your product. Upload photos. Set the price and select shipping options. (See Adding Product to UWeX SHOP for the detail guide.)

Step 3: Confirm receiving the payment and then ship the product accordingly.  Once the product is sold and paid by the customer, an email notification will be sent to you.  

Step 4: Get paid. Check your Paypal or Stripe account for your payment.

Feel free to contact us here if you need more information.