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UWeX Referral Program

UWeX is a platform which encourages sharing and win-win. Please invite your friends, neighbours and clients to join in so that we can do better.

As a thank you, you will receive extra reward points from the business of your referrals. For every 2 dollars he/she spends or makes on in his/her first 12 months with us, buy or sell, we will credit 1 point to your account as a reward. The points could be used to pay for your orders or commissions. The more you refer, the more you may earn. There is no up limit. Check the details of our Reward Program

Send us the name or the order number of your referrals, we will connect you together. If your referrals buy offline from our suppliers, you can simply ask them to upload the receipts or invoices to  to claim the rewards for both of you.  

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