UWeX Homeowner Solution

For Homeowners, UWeX would like to give you hassle-free renovation experiences with minimal wastes on your money as well as on our environment.

UWeX protects you with UWeX 72 Hours Buyer Protection. 


You, as a Homeowner,

  • Find inspirations from many other works for your home;
  • Enjoy a large supplies and selections on clicks in one stop, no matter you are looking for materials or professionals.


  • Take advantages of UWeX Rent Market to help your DIY works done efficiently with professional equipment and tools.;
  • Own a FREE UWeX Shop to sell or share your leftover renovation materials to avoid high restocking fees;
  • Benefit from UWeX Reward and Referral Program both online and offline to save more for future; (*see details in our UWeX Reward Program)


We protect your money with UWeX 72 Hours Buyer Protection*. (*see details in our Terms and Conditions)

Start your fantastic renovation projects with UWeX Marketplace NOW!!!