UWeX Renovator Solution

For Renovators, UWeX prioritises not only your business scale, but also the cost to scale up.

UWeX guarantee youNo Gain, No Pay.”


You, as a Renovator,

  • Enjoy a large supplies and selections on clicks in one stop, instead of through time-consuming street searching and comparing;
  • Find inspirations from many other works liked by local customers;


  • Own a free online showroom to display your work while saving your costs and efforts on building and maintaining your own website;
  • Have a 7*24 booking assistant to manage your schedule;
  • Clear out your inventories with our latest online selling features at Zero investment;
  • Share equipment and tools with others to lower the ownership cost;
  • Find quick helpers through our network and our graceful friends’ networks;
  • Access into our curtsey analysis and reports to keep updated on your competition status and the industry trends,
  • Benefit from UWeX Reward and Referral Program to save more for future.


We guarantee you “No Gain, No Pay” . Nothing but a lower-than-majority commission you will pay.

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