UWeX Supplier Solution

“No Gain, No Pay”

For Suppliers, UWeX put our efforts on increasing your sales while having cost effectively under control.

uwex-supplier-lean-solutionYou, as a business Supplier,

  • Enjoy all sharing benefits of brick-and-mortar marketplaces and traditional online marketplaces;


  • Own a free online shop to save your costs and efforts on building and maintaining your own website;
  • Sell with our latest online selling features at Zero investment;
  • Leave online marketing work and costs to us;
  • Find quick helpers through our network and our graceful friends’ networks;
  • Access into our curtsey analysis and reports to keep updated on your competition status and the industry trends.
  • Benefit from UWeX Reward and Referral Program to save more for future.


We guarantee you “No Gain, No Pay.” Nothing but a lower-than-majority commission after a deal you will pay.

*UWeX.co also works with employment service organizations to connect you with government assisted hiring programs. Contact us for more information.  

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