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Adding Product to UWeX Shop (IV) – Adding a Bookable Product

To create bookings, you need to create a bookable product.

  1. Go to: Products > Add Product.
  2. Enter a title and description for your product.
  3. Select Bookable Product in the Product Data dropdown menu. Also tick the Virtual checkbox if this isn’t a physical product, so shipping costs are not added.


Fields will change to reflect bookable products.

General settings

The first settings are booking duration, calendar display and confirmation preferences.

Booking duration

This determines how long a booking lasts. The duration can be admin defined (fixed block) or customer defined (they need to input on the front-end). Duration units can be Hours, Minutes, Days or Months.

Fixed blocks have a set duration that you define. When a customer selects this booking, the booking lasts this amount of time.

Customer-defined blocks have a set duration, but the customer can choose how many blocks they want. For example, if I had a customer-defined block of 1 hour, and the user chooses 3 from the booking form, their booking would be for 3 hours.

If you set your booking to be customer defined, you can include a minimum and maximum allowed value in the General tab. For example, it’s possible to have a 30-minute customer defined block but a minimum bookable block of 2. This means the customer needs to book a minimum of 1 hour and increase the duration by 30 minutes.

A booking can be set in blocks using minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. If using hours and minutes, you can specify what time the bookings start.


If the booking needs to be reviewed by an admin before confirmation, tick the Requires confirmation? option. Rather than take payment at checkout, the user inputs details and submits them for approval.

Bookings requiring approval will remove other items from the cart. They must be checked out alone, so payment gateways can be safely disabled.


You may choose whether you want the user to have the option to cancel their booking. After selecting the option Can be cancelled?, two fields appear that allow you to choose how many Minutes/Hours/Days/Months prior to the start date that customers can cancel a booking.

Availability settings

Availability (what slots can be booked) can be controlled via the Availability tab. The first options allow you define dates that can be booked:


Max bookings per block

This setting allows multiple bookings at the same time. With a fixed booking of 1 day and maximum bookings per block set to 2, then each day you could have 2 bookings booked.

Minimum/Maximum block bookable into the future

If today is March 1 and you set minimum block bookable to 1 month into the future, then the first date a customer could book would be April 1st. The same applies to the maximum date bookable.

Require a buffer period between bookings

Based on the unit of time set for the booking (minutes, hours, days, months), you can specify a period of time before and after a confirmed booking that is unavailable for anyone else to book. For example, if you sell appointments in 60-minute blocks and wish to have a break of 15 minutes between them, you can specify a 15-minute buffer period.

All dates are

Depending on how you want to set up availability, this option allows you to set available by default or not available by default.

Check rules against

You have two options:

  • All blocks being booked – This checks all available blocks within a duration. For example if a customer chooses to book for 5 days and 1 block is equal to 1 day it will check availability for all 5 days.
  • Starting block only – This checks the first block the user selects. For example if a customer chooses to book for 5 days and 1 block is equal to 1 day it will only check availability for the first day.

Custom Availability Range

You can set up specific availability rules, such as availability for:

  • Months
  • Day of the week
  • Time
  • Specific date

To add a rule, click the Add Range button:


A new row is created, where you can choose a range type, from/to, whether it’s bookable or not (yes or no) and a priority number.

The from/to values differ based on the range type:

  • Date range – from and to will show a date picker field
  • Range of days – from and to will show a dropdown of days of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Range of months – from and to will show a dropdown of months (January to December)
  • Range of weeks – from and to will show a dropdown of weeks (1 to 52)
  • Time ranges – from and to will show time inputs
  • Date Range with time – a time range can be set based on a custom date range

add_bookable_product_range_date_range_w_timeThese rules above will make bookings available from 9am-6pm daily, except for the month of January when bookings cannot be made between 3-6pm.

For the priority of the availability rule, the lower the priority number, the earlier this rule gets applied. By default, global rules take priority over product rules, which take priority over resource rules. By using priority numbers you can execute rules in a different order.

If multiple rows match the product being booked with the same priority, the furthest down the list will take priority.

Rows can be removed by clicking the X on the far right, or dragged and dropped to sort using the handle on the far left.

Also be aware that availability options can be set up globally if all bookable products share some dates.

Costs for Bookable Products

Costs for specific slots are controlled from the Booking Costs tab.

add_bookable_product_booking_costThe two main costs you can add are base cost and block cost.

The base cost is applied regardless of a customer’s choices on the booking form.

The block cost is the cost per block that was assigned in the General tab. If a customer books multiple blocks, this cost is multiplied by the number of blocks booked.

Display cost does not affect the actual cost of the product. In the example above, the product page displays 500 on the front-end. The cost is displayed to the user on the front-end. Leave blank to have it calculated for you. If a booking has varying costs, this is prefixed with the word “from:”

Beneath the display cost, you have an area where you can define extra costs. This works similar to availability. Click Add Range to begin:


A row appears in which you can input the range type, from/to and cost:


The from/to values differ based on the range type:

  • Date range – from and to will show a date picker field
  • Range of months – from and to will show a dropdown of months (January to December)
  • Range of weeks – from and to will show a dropdown of weeks (1 to 52)
  • Range of days – from and to will show a dropdown of days of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • Time range – from and to will show time inputs
  • Date range with time – a time range can be set based on a custom date range
  • Persons count – from and to will show number inputs.
  • Block count – from and to will show number inputs.

Base cost and Block cost can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by the amount you enter.

Rows can be removed by clicking the X on the far right, or dragged and dropped to sort using the handle on the far left.


The configuration above will charge a block cost of 100, but between Dec. 23 and Jan. 1, there is an extra fee of 20 if the bookings are between 5-9pm.

If multiple rows match, all additional costs are used.


If the booking can be made for multiple persons at once, tick the Has persons checkbox. Once selected, a new tab appears:


You can set a min and maximum for persons. Similar to duration, the customer can input a value on the front-end booking form if enabled.

Persons also impacts the following cost options:

  • If multiple costs by person count is enabled, all costs are multiplied by the number of persons the customer defines.
  • If count persons as bookings is enabled, the person count is used as the quantity against the block. Remember the max bookings per block setting above? That determines the upper limit for allowed persons per block. Once the limit is reached, more persons cannot book.


For added flexibility, supports Bookable Resources that can be booked independently within a bookable product. Tick the Has resources checkbox to enable a new tab:


There are two types of bookable resource:

  1. Customer defined – A booking form shows a dropdown list of resources that the customer can select.
  2. Automatically defined – A resource is automatically assigned to a customer booking if available.

An example use-case for a customer-defined resource would be a power tool, such as 1500HP and 2500HP.

An example use-case for an automatically defined resource would be a home inspecting service where the resources are inspector and someone is assigned a booking.

After enabling resources, choose that option and give your resource a ‘label.’ This is shown on the front-end booking form.

Resources can be used across multiple products.

If you have any questions on viewing this file, please feel free to contact us.

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Adding Product to UWeX Shop (III) – Adding a Simple Product

Simple product type covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For example, a faucet.

Access the Add New Product page and type in the product name and description in the specified boxes.


Below the description editor box, you see the Product Data meta box.

The Product Data meta box is where the majority of important data is added for your products.  Select the Simple Product in the panel by scrolling down the options on the top.



General section 

  • SKU – Stock keep unit (SKU) tracks products.
  • Price – Price your product here buy using Regular Price.   If you wanna go a promotion, you can use Sale Price.
    • Regular Price – Item’s normal/regular price.
    • Sale Price – Item’s discounted price that can then be scheduled for certain date ranges.


Inventory section

The inventory section allows you to manage stock for the product individually and define whether to allow back orders and more.


Just of note, ticking the Sold Individually checkbox limits the product to one per order.

Shipping section


  • Weight – Weight of the item.
  • Dimensions – Length, width and height for the item.
  • Shipping Class – Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.

Linked Products section

Using up-sells and cross-sells, you can cross promote your products. They can be added by searching for a particular product and selecting the product from the dropdown list:


Up-sells are displayed on the product details page. These are products that you may wish to encourage users to upgrade, based on the product they are currently viewing. For example, if the user is viewing the laminate product listing page, you may want to display hardwood on that same page as an up-sell.

Cross-sells are products that are displayed with the cart and related to the user’s cart contents. As an example, if the user adds a Nintendo DS to their cart, you may want to suggest they purchase a spare stylus when they arrive at the cart page.

Attributes section

On the Attributes tab, you can assign details to a product. Once you have chosen an attribute from the select box, click add and apply the terms attached to that attribute to the product. You can hide the attribute on the frontend by leaving the Visible checkbox unticked. Custom attributes can also be applied by choosing ‘Custom product attribute’ from the select box. These are added at the product level and won’t be available in layered navigation or other products.


Add a short product description. This typically appears next to product imagery on the listing page, and the long description appears in the Product Description tab.



On the right-hand side of the Add New Product panel, there are product categories in which you can place your product. You can also assign product tags in the same way.


Product images

You can add a main image and a gallery of images on the right part of the panel. (see the bottom part of the above picture.)



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Adding Product to UWeX Shop (I) – Find Entrances

By logging into your shop account, you can add new product to your shop from either frontend or backend.

  • Adding from frontend-  Simply go to co > My UWeX Shop > Add New Product.Add_Product_Frontend

You will be directed to the specified page for adding products.



  • Adding from backend – Visit > My UWeX Shop > Manage My Shop. You will be directed to your shop dashboard.


Follow Products > Add Product on the left, you will enter the page as well.



Now, type the product title and description on the page in the specified boxes to add your product.

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Selling on is a community to connect home renovation suppliers, contractors, professionals, and home owners all together. Whoever you are, you can own your own online shop for free on and sell conveniently. 

1.      Almost everything related to home renovation could be sold on

  • New materials/tools- Manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, whatever you provide to customers, you can list up them on your own online shop for free.
  • Used materials/tools – Contractor, professional or DIYer, you may have something still valuable from your past works. You can sell them through your UWeX store.
  • Leftover materials- Contractor, professional, DIYer, or homeowner, you may have some leftovers from your last project. If you don’t want them to stay in your storage for long, try move them out on
  • Tool rental -If you are in a rental business or you have any idle tools, UWeX Marketplace can help you to rent them out. 
  • Installation/Construction/Labor services – You can even sell your service on UWeX Marketplace with our bookable product function.  

2.      Selling is more targeted on

  • is a marketplace specialized for home renovation business. There are less noises here than in other major online marketplace.
  • Customers visiting usually have high purchase intention. And they are close to the final decision.
  • is a hub for renovators to manage their businesses. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other suppliers can get in touch with these professionals quickly and conveniently on Use UWeX

3.      Selling is easy with

  • It’s free to own a UWeX Shop on UWeX Marketplace. Go to take one minute to fill in your basic information. We will help you to set up your online store on the next business day.


  • It’s free to list up your products on your UWeX Shop. Simply click “Add New Product” under “My UWeX Shop” on the upper right corner of your screen and you can go to your store administration page to add products. .   (Check the details on Add Products to Your UWeX Shop)

  • There is no limitation on the quantities of products listing on your UWeX Shop. You can add as many as you have.
  • It costs you less to sell through compared to other major online marketplaces. Besides commission, you pay nothing to UWeX. And we have Reward Program and Referral Program for you to save more. (Check out the details of our Reward Program and Referral Program).

4.      Selling is safe on

  • You pay nothing before customer pays you. The commission will be taken only when customer pays you. And you will receive your portion according to the terms we agree upon.
  • You deliver the product or service only after customer pays for the order. Customers are required to pay when they place their orders online. The shipping terms of your UWeX Shop are defined by yourself. You can either ask for local pick up or deliver at the cost you set.
  • uses PayPal and Stripe to process the payment and you are protected by PayPal’s Seller Protection ( and Stripe disputes system (
  • uses the SSL certificate to secure your information.



5.    How easy? That’s easy. 

Step 1: Go to  and register your free UWeX Shop.

Step 2: Log into your UWeX Shop and add new product for free. Describe your product. Upload photos. Set the price and select shipping options. (See Adding Product to UWeX SHOP for the detail guide.)

Step 3: Confirm receiving the payment and then ship the product accordingly.  Once the product is sold and paid by the customer, an email notification will be sent to you.  

Step 4: Get paid. Check your Paypal or Stripe account for your payment.

Feel free to contact us here if you need more information. 


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UWeX Referral Program

UWeX is a platform which encourages sharing and win-win. Please invite your friends, neighbours and clients to join in so that we can do better.

As a thank you, you will receive extra reward points from the business of your referrals. For every 2 dollars he/she spends or makes on in his/her first 12 months with us, buy or sell, we will credit 1 point to your account as a reward. The points could be used to pay for your orders or commissions. The more you refer, the more you may earn. There is no up limit. Check the details of our Reward Program

Send us the name or the order number of your referrals, we will connect you together. If your referrals buy offline from our suppliers, you can simply ask them to upload the receipts or invoices to  to claim the rewards for both of you.  

Share more, save more, earn more. Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - hyacinth-1369537

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About UWeX

Together, we are building the ultimate home improvement experiences. is a Newly Emerging Online Sharing Community for Home Improvement Businesses, Professionals and Homeowners, whoever would like to make home improvement experiences more FINANCIALLY, ENVIRONMENTALLY, and HUMANLY FRIENDLY.   

Integrating the lean thinking and principles into the business, UWeX help our members achieve your goals at lower costs with less efforts.  

  • We search for the suppliers with high reputations in the Greater Toronto Area and help them to better develop new business opportunities with cost efficient online solution. Either our sub-site solution or e-commerce integration solution effectively accelerates the traffics to our members. Either solution greatly saves the IT and marketing budget and human resources. 
  • We offer one-stop free purchasing arm services to professionals like designers and contractors. No matter how big or small the request is, all are covered by UWeX special price terms with the suppliers plus UWeX Designers & Contractors Rebate Program. Besides that, designers and contractors can apply for a free online showcase to display works.
  • We connect homeowners to the designer quality products, for either renovation or decoration, at the wholesale price, which the big-box retailers do not offer.
  • Special orders are also available from our suppliers to help professionals and homeowners to save searching time. 

Together,  we’re building the ultimate home improvement experiences. 

Besides caring about our living spaces, UWeX also cares about life quality of Canadians by committing ourselves to support cancer research and survivals. Each year, UWe will donate part of our revenue to selected charities for cancer research and survival.  According to Canadian Cancer Statiscs 2015, about 2 in 5 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, and about 1 in 4 Canadians will die of cancer. UWe know how hard that would be for the patients and families. UWe hope our efforts can help save more lives and improve the living quality of cancer survivals.