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When We Need a New Sofa?

Willowleaf sofa
Willowleaf sofa

Like our 4-paws partners, our sofa cannot accompany with us for a lifetime. Usually a sofa gives our body a comfortable support for 7-15 years. Quite a wide range, huh? So when is an appropriate time to replace it? Here are several things may help you to make up your mind.

  1. Hear squeaky sound when sitting on it. That means the structure of the sofa is not right. The frame may be broken anytime when a weight is added onto it.
  2. See wear or tear on the cover of cushions, either leather or fabrics. Be aware that the fillings or springs may come out and get messy.
  3. Find stains on covers. The stains not only affect the appearance of the sofa. They might encourage germs and parasites living in the sofa cushions.
  4. See fading colors. Over exposure to the sunshine or light of lamps can reduce the lifespan of a sofa. Changes on color is the visible sign of such a hurt.
  5. Notice the sofa disagreeing with other furniture or decorations at home. A recent renovation or replacement of other furniture may awkward the old sofa.

If any of above appears, a new sofa can be considered, especially at the season when promotions are available. Find better quality sofas that cannot be found at the chain furniture stores at the same and even lower prices. We all deserve high quality, long durability and reliable safety.

Gene sofa
Gene sofa

Monty Sofa by Brentwood Classics
Monty Sofa

Eversden sofa
Eversden sofa

Leiner sofa
Leiner sofa

Troughton sofa
Troughton sofa

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Use Auction to Move Your Sales Faster

UWeX Marketplace now supports the auction function. You can use it either for selling your inventory more quickly or for a promotion campaign.  

  • In an inventory moving sales, you can use a large batch at a favourable price to attract buyers.
  • In a promotion campaign, you can pick up one product at a competitive star price or use a reverse auction to get more traffics to your shop with a chance to cross sell or up sell.

It’s easy to set up a new auction.

  • log into your dashboard under My UWeX Account
  • go to Products => Add Product
  • add title, description, images, featured image, select category – all things you do when adding regular product
  • in Product Data drop down menu select Auction
  • you will see new tab in left menu named Auction, see screenshot: 

    Add New Auction
    Add New Auction
  • fill all details (they are self-explainable)
  • set auction duration by setting start and end date
  • publish product (auction)

All done.

Advanced usage includes setting up proxy bidding (auto bidding) and reverse auctions.

If you enabled “Sealed Bid” checkbox, bidders will not see “Current Bid” value but text message “This is sealed bid auction”.

The bidders will see the current bid price and time left on their screen. They can input the price and bid.

Auction Demo Screen
Auction Demo Screen

When the time is over, you will receive the email notification of the final bid.

Don’t hesitate to start your auction sale now.




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Adopt a Cost Efficient Online Solution for Your Business

Grow Your Online Sales
Grow Your Online Sales

Companies, like Home Depot and Lowes, have been growing their online sales significantly. What are you doing online now?

  • If you have started marketing and selling online,  are you okay with them?
  • If you have not started, what is your plan for it?

We list below the most often used ways adopted by home renovation and improvement businesses to explore online opportunities.  It may help you to know better about the pros and cons of each.

  • Own a website or an app – Around 2/3 showrooms we visited told us that they had a website.  Register a domain, hire someone to develop the website or app, update contents from time to time… All look like a piece of cake and you can proudly say you are online now.  Behind them, you have to pay for the domain every 12 months, you have to pay website design and maintenance fee, you have to do marketing to get traffic to your website, and you might have to hire a team to do the work.  Otherwise, just like 90%+ websites in this industry, only a very limited numbers visitors and most are not in your target area.
  • Sell on ebay, amazon, and etc.  – It’s good to share the high traffic on these major marketplaces. However, there are too noisy to get attentions. And they take a big bite from the sales. Usually the commission is more than 15% on the sales. And many hidden fees you are not aware of in advance. Limitations on product quantities and photos are strict.
  • List on free classifieds – many store owners told us they use Kijiji. However, only a few said it worked because you had to upload and refresh your contents frequently to stay on the top of the category. It takes a lot of time and efforts but only a few views. At the same time, competitors who pay for a placement on the category usually steal away the clicks.
  • Use paid advertising – you may have a good placement and display opportunity by adopting this. However, there is no guarantee on the return of your spending. And in most cases, large companies whose marketing budget is times of yours, will put you in a disadvantage in the competition.
  • Post on social media – true that social media can help you communicate with many others.  You can have a social media account in seconds. And then you can post contents or sell there. Alert here, CONTENTS.  Yes, you need to generate attractive contents proactively to get followers. It takes your time and efforts. And if you have a chance to read your followers, pay attention to their demographics and engagement. You may find most of them are not your target, same as those visitors to your website.

These traditional ways are either costly or inefficient to reach target customers online. Then, is there any cost efficient solution?

Taking this challenge as our mission,  we founded Our IT and marketing expertise, plus our long term experiences with Lean Production System, makes a cost efficient solution to business owners. We help business owners to set up free and unlimited online shop on UWeX Marketplace and get them connected into UWeX network immediately. By registering on, business owners enjoy,

  • Low Cost free & unlimited UWeX Shop, no hidden fees, lower-than-majority commission
  • “0” Risk zero upfront cost, pay commission only, no impact on current operation
  • Easy to Start no additional IT work, no technology background required, 3 half commission treats
  • Efficient Connection to customers specialized in home improvement, effective traffic generation, target on customers in the GTA , optimized search & pair


  • Professional Supportinformative industry reports, extensive service network & global connection

With more and more local businesses joining, together we are making this solution more cost efficient. The more we join together, the stronger we can help you to compete with large suppliers and grow your business online.

Take 1 minute to register your Free UWeX Shop now.


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Adding Product to UWeX Shop (V) – Creating a Downloadable Product

I. Create a Downloadable Simple Product

To get started:

  1. Create a simple product the regular way but tick the Downloadable checkbox:create-downloadable-products

After ticking this box, extra options appear:create-downloadable-products-2

 UWeX supports multiple files per product!

  1. Uploada file and click Insert to set up each downloadable file URL.
  2. Enterthe Download Limit (optional). Once the user hits this limit, they can no longer download the file.
  3. Enterthe Download Expiry. If you define a number of days, download links expire after that.
  4. Selectthe Download Type from the dropdown.
  5. Save.

As soon as you change an uploaded file or upload a new file, the Download Expiry and Download Limit are reset because it’s technically a new file. This is the intended behavior.

Downloadable Variations

Variable products can also have downloadable variations. When adding a variation tick the Downloadable checkbox and more options appear.create-downloadable-products-3

Options work the same as regular products: Set the file path, optionally choose a download limit and expiry, and save.

Combining downloadable and virtual products

If you tick the Downloadable checkboxes, products can have stock and are treated as physical products. This allows you to sell downloads and real products together.

If you want to add/sell a downloadable product that is not physical, also enable the Virtual option.

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Make Your Home Design a Pleasant Journey with Your Significant Other

Designing For The Couple Guide

“Taste between couples is not the easiest thing to agree upon” – Josie Abate

Designing your home as a couple can be exciting and fun – on the other hand it can be stressful and nerve-racking. Conflicts are bound to arise when making important decisions.In order to achieve the comfortable and beautiful home you both want, you may have to learn how to negotiate and compromise with your partner. 

With over 25 years of experience designing homes and work spaces for many happy clients, the team of professional designers at Ambience Design Group put together the Designing For The Couple Kit, a friendly and helpful kit for couples who would like to work through your toughest design challenges. Going with this kit,
  • You will define the style of home that best matches your unique lifestyle as a couple
  • You will get clarity of how you would like the space to function and look
  • You will define the elements that matter most in your shared space and how to work together
  • You will get an 8 step checklist that you can start today
  • You will learn which colours will work best
  • You will learn how to compromise on furniture and accessories
  • You will learn how to create a more restful bedroom
  • You will discover so many things you never knew about your partner!
1. Designing For the Couple Guide

This guide will provide plenty of insight and information about how to go about designing your home as a couple. It will show you the many options you have available when it comes to colour, furniture, and the look of your bedroom. You will get tips on compromising with your partner on the various design decisions to achieve a space you both will love!
2. Home Lifestyle Self-Analysis 
The questions in this detailed Self-Analysis will leave no stone un-turned as you sit with your partner to contemplate the kind of home that will best match up with your unique lifestyle. You’ll learn things you likely didn’t know about one another and you’ll gain clarity on where you both stand in regards to the design of your home.
3. 8 Step Checklist for the Couple
This quick 8 step checklist will give you a good start to your adventures designing as a couple. These simple steps will get you headed in the right direction and spark the momentum of designing a space you both will enjoy!

When you purchase this kit you will receive an exclusive Music Mix to help set the ambience in your newly designed home. Use it for a dinner party or a night in for just the two of you!

This digital kit can be downloaded immediately so you can get started right away.

Go to and get your kit Now. 
If you don’t love your guide, Ambience offers a 30 day money back guarantee. 
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Seal, Clean & Light – 3 easy but important things for a safe & warm winter

A Warm and Safe Winter

“Stay warm, stay safe” is critical important for Canadians in winter times. Below 3 things can help you to live better in the winter.

1. Seal – Replace your windows or doors with low emissivity one.

Windows & Doors made of Low E 180 glass keep your home warm while preventing heat loss and allowing in natural light from outside during cold climates.

Filled with argon gas, they can provide better insulation, preventing frost from occurring at the bottom and increasing sound proofing characteristics.


2.Clean – Hire professionals for air duct cleaning.

Clean and fresh indoor air is crucial to winter health, especially when someone in your family has asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. Before keeping your furnace running for months, let a certified professional technician to clean all ducts in your house.
Air Duct Cleaning

3.Light – Make your home full of light.

The sunlight is precious to Canadians in winter time. Many people may feel depressed. Making home lighter will help delight them. Make sure there are enough warm lights in your home to keep families away from depression .
Light in Winter




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Why Your Website Don’t Bring Customers to You?

Many companies in home renovation told us that they had websites to help their business online. Curiously, we visited their websites and checked the performance with Alexa Rank services.

Unbelievable, we found that 90%+ have extremely low traffics and 95%+ even have no ranks in Canada.  Below is a very common result in our search work.

A Common Website Performance of Small Home Renovation Business
A Common Website Performance of Small Home Renovation Business

You may have some ideas now why your website did not bring customers to you. There are only a few visitors. And among those a few, most are not in your neighborhood.  If you are hiring someone to help your website, please remind the guy to do something. Otherwise, your money is wasted.

The top reason of such low performance is No Strong Online Marketing Support. Most small businesses do not have this specific function in their organization. And it’s costly to outsource the work. However, it does affect the return on your IT investment.

To help small business in home renovation do better online, we developed UWeX Marketplace with our expertise on marketing and LEAN Production. No matter you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or professional service provider, we provide you a free online showroom and help you to do marketing and sales., though freshly launched, has get traffics quickly with almost 100% of our visitors are local. In past 2 weeks, our Alexa rank in Canada has been moved from 48,758 to 16,287. And we are still up. And we achieve all these without spending much on advertising.

We understand every cent should be paid meaningfully. We guarantee our members “No gain, No Pay”.  Members pay us commission on sales only. And our commission rate is much lower than the majority because we control our own cost strictly with Lean thinking.

We sincerely encourage you to consider these new online business model, where you can focus on your own strength and leave others to us.

Together, we are building the ultimate home renovation experiences.


*Would like to check your own website now? Go to or contact us by Facebook message ( , email to or use the link on our page.  We can help you to download your performance data and send them to you.

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Employ for Less

UWeX offers our business members not only the chances to approach temporary helpers, but the easy access to grow and train up your workforce.

Integrated with the Lean thinking and social responsibilities, UWeX has been working with our graceful employment service friends to bridge employers and job seekers together and get you to your goal with less or no stress.  Our graceful friends can help you with,

  • Assistance to fill out applications.
  • Hassle-free contract administration and timely payment of financial incentives.
  • Access to thousands of qualified job seekers and many other no-fee HR services.
  • Learn about the financial incentives that might be available to you.
  • Take advantage of the following funding options, programs and tax incentives.
    • Employer Hiring Incentive Program – financial incentive:up to $6,000 PER EMPLOYEE
    • Ontario Job Creation Partnerships – financial incentive: employee salary via EI benefits for up to 52 weeks
    • Ontario Labour Market partnerships – financial incentive: will vary depending on the project
    • Ontario Exporters Fund – financial incentive: a matching contribution funding of up to $80,000 per year as a wage subsidy for a maximum of 2 years.
    • York Region employment services program

What UWeX members need to do is sending us your request HERE.  Our friends will contact you and arrange the rest for you.  



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Check Your Competition Status among Interior Design Services in Ontario

Before reading data:


1.Data collected from 1,930 businesses in Ontario reported to Industry Canada.

2.Annual revenue range: CAD30,000 – CAD5,000,000.

3.Data Source: the latest data from Industry Canada website when this report is made.

4. Find your revenue quartile on REVENUE & PROFIT section and check the average performance of your quartile. 






(of total expenses)competition-expenses-interiordesign


*This is a courtesy report  provided by UWe Technologies Inc.

*The usage of these infographics is at your own responsibilities.

*More infographics are available at

Last updated: November 1, 2016

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Find a Benchmark to Price Yourself or Hire a Helper

For all who are new to the business and who are hiring helpers in the GTA, collects the latest release of construction union wage rates in Toronto from Statistics Canada for your reference.  Find the job category you are interested in and check out the hourly rates to help yourself, no matter you are looking for job opportunities or hiring helpers.

The wage rates quoted are straight time hourly compensation (basic) and straight time payments including selected supplements to unionized tradesmen. These supplements include vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, pension contribution, employer’s contribution to private plans, health and welfare, employer’s contribution to industry promotion and training funds.

The data below are rates in Toronto in August, 2016 and updated by Statistics Canada on September 22, 2016. If you would like to know those in other cities, please contact us by sending email to

Construction Union Wage Rates in Toronto, Aug., 2016


Source:  Statistics Canada. Table  327-0003 –  Construction union wage rates, monthly (dollars),  CANSIM

*This is a curtsey report  provided by UWe Technologies Inc.
*The usage of this report is at your own responsibilities.