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Seal, Clean & Light – 3 easy but important things for a safe & warm winter

A Warm and Safe Winter

“Stay warm, stay safe” is critical important for Canadians in winter times. Below 3 things can help you to live better in the winter.

1. Seal – Replace your windows or doors with low emissivity one.

Windows & Doors made of Low E 180 glass keep your home warm while preventing heat loss and allowing in natural light from outside during cold climates.

Filled with argon gas, they can provide better insulation, preventing frost from occurring at the bottom and increasing sound proofing characteristics.


2.Clean – Hire professionals for air duct cleaning.

Clean and fresh indoor air is crucial to winter health, especially when someone in your family has asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. Before keeping your furnace running for months, let a certified professional technician to clean all ducts in your house.
Air Duct Cleaning

3.Light – Make your home full of light.

The sunlight is precious to Canadians in winter time. Many people may feel depressed. Making home lighter will help delight them. Make sure there are enough warm lights in your home to keep families away from depression .
Light in Winter