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Why Your Website Don’t Bring Customers to You?

Many companies in home renovation told us that they had websites to help their business online. Curiously, we visited their websites and checked the performance with Alexa Rank services.

Unbelievable, we found that 90%+ have extremely low traffics and 95%+ even have no ranks in Canada.  Below is a very common result in our search work.

A Common Website Performance of Small Home Renovation Business
A Common Website Performance of Small Home Renovation Business

You may have some ideas now why your website did not bring customers to you. There are only a few visitors. And among those a few, most are not in your neighborhood.  If you are hiring someone to help your website, please remind the guy to do something. Otherwise, your money is wasted.

The top reason of such low performance is No Strong Online Marketing Support. Most small businesses do not have this specific function in their organization. And it’s costly to outsource the work. However, it does affect the return on your IT investment.

To help small business in home renovation do better online, we developed UWeX Marketplace with our expertise on marketing and LEAN Production. No matter you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or professional service provider, we provide you a free online showroom and help you to do marketing and sales., though freshly launched, has get traffics quickly with almost 100% of our visitors are local. In past 2 weeks, our Alexa rank in Canada has been moved from 48,758 to 16,287. And we are still up. And we achieve all these without spending much on advertising.

We understand every cent should be paid meaningfully. We guarantee our members “No gain, No Pay”.  Members pay us commission on sales only. And our commission rate is much lower than the majority because we control our own cost strictly with Lean thinking.

We sincerely encourage you to consider these new online business model, where you can focus on your own strength and leave others to us.

Together, we are building the ultimate home renovation experiences.


*Would like to check your own website now? Go to or contact us by Facebook message ( , email to or use the link on our page.  We can help you to download your performance data and send them to you.