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Find a Benchmark to Price Yourself or Hire a Helper

For all who are new to the business and who are hiring helpers in the GTA, collects the latest release of construction union wage rates in Toronto from Statistics Canada for your reference.  Find the job category you are interested in and check out the hourly rates to help yourself, no matter you are looking for job opportunities or hiring helpers.

The wage rates quoted are straight time hourly compensation (basic) and straight time payments including selected supplements to unionized tradesmen. These supplements include vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, pension contribution, employer’s contribution to private plans, health and welfare, employer’s contribution to industry promotion and training funds.

The data below are rates in Toronto in August, 2016 and updated by Statistics Canada on September 22, 2016. If you would like to know those in other cities, please contact us by sending email to

Construction Union Wage Rates in Toronto, Aug., 2016


Source:  Statistics Canada. Table  327-0003 –  Construction union wage rates, monthly (dollars),  CANSIM

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