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Motana Duvet by Cuddle Down Products

Down Duvets for Fall & Winter

Before the temperature drops deeply, you need get prepared.

The Monnaco Navy by Cuddle Down Products

Men’s Bedding Collections

Simple and sharp. Each of these 20 bedding collections can transform any bedroom into a clean, modern and luxury privacy space.

St. Moritz Duvet by Cuddle Down Products

Super Light Down Duvets for Summer Nights

A super light down duvet is a perfect cover when we sleep with air conditioners on.

The Florina Collection by Cuddle Down Products (organic)

GOTS Certified Organic Bedding Collections

Proudly made in Canada, all these Organic sheets are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Top Grain Leather Sofas with Eco-friendly Materials

When you buy a leather sofa, you definitely would like it to give you and your family a long-lasting and healthy support.

Julian sofa by Brentwood Classics

Made-In-Canada Eco-friendly Sofas

Brentwood Classics has been designing and manufacturing made-to-order sofas for Canadians for over 35 years.From transitional to contemporary design, they’ve got your lifestyle covered.

Glass+Stone Mosaic - Wall tile

12 Chic Backsplash Tiles for All Kitchens

12 selected backsplashes in different colours, materials and finishes. There must be one right fit into your style.

8 Super Value Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been proved to be the most popular materials in the kitchen renovation.

Posh Wash by Trendy Tiles

Affordable Luxury 12″x24″ Tiles

12″x24″tiles have been increasingly popular for home improvement, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. These 14 luxury tiles can upscale your home immediately without tightening your budget. 

Elegant Off-White Tiles Under $3.99

Off-white has been the most popular colour since 2016. These 7 options are of high value without compromises in quality. 

Gorgeous 24″x24″ Tiles to Transform Home into Art Gallery

Designed by famous designers in Europe, these square tiles will escalate your home to a gorgeous art gallery. 

ECO-LUXE Florencia

Large Format Tiles for New Trendy Homes – Rectangular Selections

If you recently browse some websites about interior design, you might notice

Primi Ceramiche Statuario

Large Format Tiles for New Trendy Homes – Square Selections

If you recently browse some websites

Rolling Shutters (Security Shutters) -Patio Enclosure

Products That Can Save Your Monthly Bills

Smart home owners always look for a better return on their investment.  These selections protect not your home but your money by cutting your energy bills or home insurance cost. 

Julia 38 Inch Shower Enclosure

Stylish & Functional Corner Shower Enclosures

Adding a separated shower space to your bathroom can upscale not your private enjoyment but your property. However, not every bathroom is very spacious. 

Vanities Under 40″

These pre-made vanities can stand in either powder rooms or guest bathrooms. Especially when you want to remodel a small bathroom for more functionalities,




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